• Tenderlawn is the oldest and only organic lawn treatment company in UK. We are proud to be a Family ownerd company with no shareholders and no ownership other than the family that started the business.
  • Tenderlawn Started in 1984 by Peter Long and is now run by his son Daniel Long.
  • We specialise in eradication of all lawn weeds especially the hardier weeds such as woodrush , speedwell and yarrow.
  • Pests are a real problem , especially Chafer Grubs and leather jackets ,these little critters eat the roots of your grass, that will need to be raked out Dressed and over seeded.
  • Moss is always a problem. It thrives on shaded ,damp and badly drained lawns. We can eradicate this problem by laying land drains.
  • Tenderlawn has a unique moss kill that if caught early enough in the spring , can not only clear the moss but save you the laborious and expensive job of scarification.



Before Tenderlawn laid beautiful new turf we had a muddy, patchy yard, our kids dragging in muddy shoes to the house. Now the children are outside playing as often as possible and the lawn has stood up to the football and games. The bonus, no more muddy footprints in the house. Thank you

Mr & Mrs Lamimman

Thank you for your hard work making our lawn look magnificent again. Your team have done a wonderful job.

Mrs Scandrett