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At Tenderlawn it is our ambition to give you the garden you really deserve.

With this in mind we have designed a range of services tailor made to make your Garden as good as you want it. We can start from scratch leveling the ground.  Landscaping, fencing, laying new turf, renovating an old lawn giving it new life. We also provide organic treatments to your lawn and garden maintenance to ensure you keep the garden and lawn you deserve.

Unlike other companies we are a family owned operation with experience gained over 30 years, NOT a franchise operation. With that experience comes customer loyalty we have over 600 customers who regularly use us to help look after their pride and joy.

Lawn Care

Not all lawns are the same, as many of our competitors would like you to believe. Many of them spray the same pre-mixed liquid, containing both fertilizer and weed control, on all the lawns they treat. Our lawn care professionals are trained to tailor our program to the unique needs of your lawn, no one formula for all lawns! Our program utilizes dry, granular fertilizers, pre-emergent and lime. Our weed control is mixed according to only the type of weeds we need to control in your lawn. In fact, we change our product formulations throughout the year, as conditions dictate, to give your lawn what it needs!

Our Lawn Care Program
Our lawn care program consists of eight applications per year. At each application we inspect for insect and disease activity, and treat accordingly.

Lawn Treatments

Pests are a real problem, especially chaffer grubs and leather jackets. These little critters eat the roots of your grass. After the grubs are eradicated the dead and damaged grasses will need to be raked out, dressed and over seeded.
Worms leave in slightly casts on your lawn , we can drive them away (WE DO NOT KILL WORMS) however they will return so be prepared to treat them regularly in the spring and autumn.

Moles eat worms so if we drive the worms away the moles go away as well as there are no more meals for them.

Disease is a big problem any time of year, Fusarium patch being the worst offender if it is left untreated in its early stages it can lead to a lot of dead grass and expensive repair work. Fusarium patch, dollar spot, snow mould and red thread are all part of the same family the causes are numerous, mostly climatical change and humidity which puts the plant under stress.
Tenderlawn has the answer to the problem, treatment of a fungicide is expensive but more successful than curative spraying.

Core Aeration
Aeration is one of the best things that can be done as preventative medicine for lawns. Aeration loosens the hard compacted clay soil and allows air, water, and nutrients to reach your lawn roots. It is also the best way to help correct the problem of excessive thatch build-up. Additionally, aeration of the lawn improves drainage and the take-up of water by the grass and it encourages deep root growth.

Overseeding is one of the most important lawn care tasks, yet few homeowners take the time do it. Overseeding compensates for that natural slow down of the turf’s reproduction and insures your lawn stays thick and dense, or if it has thinned, overseeding will make it thick again. An
additional benefit is disease resistance as the new varieties of seed you sow this year will have better disease resistance than those varieties already in your lawn. Tenderlawn offers a expert overseeding service in addition to our lawn treatment program. We take care to use the latest high quality seed that will thrive in your particular soil, light and moisture conditions.

Lawn Renovations

The autumn is the best time for renovation as the ground is warm and moist, ideal for seed to germinate. The Procedure starts with weed and moss kills early in the summer to clean up the lawn in preparation for renovation. Firstly the lawn is scarified several times in different directions .The thatch and clippings cleared up and removed from site after each cut. Then the lawn is hollow tined, the dips and hollows filled with landscapers loam and leveled. A pre-seed fertilizer is then applied to the entire lawn then reseeded (shade tolerant seed where required).

Our special seed slotter is used to slot the seed in to the ground and the whole lawn is top dressed. The top dressing is then dragged into the lawn with a steel matt, The whole process is a very labor intensive and your lawn will look terrible afterwards, However all being well several weeks later you will have a new lawn for approx a third of the cost of re-turfing.

Rake and Scarify
The removal of dead grasses and thatch.

Hallow tinning
To ease compaction by aeration drawing a plug of grass and soil that also helps with drainage.

New Lawn Turf

You could alternatively replace the lawn with new turf. The existing lawn is stripped and lifted , the soil then rotovated, roots and debris removed. The soil is then leveled getting rid of humps and hallows. Clean top soil brought in to raise the lawn height. A granular fertilizer is then applied and raked in. The whole area is compacted by heeling or walking in the soil and leveled.

The new turf is then laid ,planked or thumped in leaving you with the perfect lawn that you should be able to cut and use in a few weeks time. Shade tolerant and Drought resistant turf are also available upon request.

Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is becoming very popular and we are Agents for the UK's No1 supplier. Please call for a no obligation quote and advice.

Landscaping Services

Asphalt drives can be repaired and repainted to look like new. Hard landscapping is also part of our services. If you have an idea we can make it real. Please call for an appointment.


Fencing is a big expense especially after winter storms. We repair and replace any type of fence.